Premium risk engineering

Premium risk engineering provides effective risk based consultancy, services and
solutions that enable companies to aware, identify and control their risks by:
* transparent and practical services and solutions that can be applied by the company
themselves and support direct risk control actions without external involvement   
* structured loss & incident findings and other relevant data for risk awareness
and validation

The scope of our consultancy, services and tools is:
* Product risks and liability including recall; dismantling and ESG compliance
related to products and services
* Premises and operational (GTPL) liability including Health and safety
* Property damage (PD) and Business continuity (BC)
* Supply chain risk control (ESG Compliance; Product and Continuity)

These independent consultancy, services and tools are based om 25 years of relevant (field)
experience for scope of services for all kind of business activities and/or products worldwide.

Premium risk Engineering

Our primary business principle are:
* Risk control starts with risk awareness from past incidents and predictive risk analysis
* Insurances are important, but risk engineering control is essential (safety, reputation etc) as impact of losses is often far more than insurable loss amount
* Proven methodologies calibrated on relevant loss data and expert knowledge
* Effective and practical services and solutions tailored to the scope of service that can be applied (after training) by the company
* Risk control is a continuous process based on risk prioritization and active participation of the company involved
* Transparency and confidentiality implying that services will only be provided with approval of the companies involved.

Business risks
The business risks comprises of 4 area's:
I External, like ESG supply compliance
II Market
III Property/BC and other Execution risks
IV Product risks incl recall & dismantling

The company has limited influence on
I External and II Market risks.

This implies that main risk control are:
* Risk analysis for Business Resilience
* Incident management (being prepared)

Product risks

Product risk is highly dependent on:
I Basic Risk Conditions
II Processing (activity) risks  
III Risk control measures

The company has limited influence on the Basic risk conditions.
The primary control/defence is adequate processing (controls). In addition the company can reduce the risks by various Risk control measures (quality) and certianly by PRA- Product Risk Analysis & Incident management.

Property Damage & Business Interruption

Property damage & BI are one of the main Execution risks and are dependent on:
I The type of business (process hazards)
II Combustibility's (products & construction)
III Natural hazards
IV Company culture and management
V Protection measures (process and facility)
VI Process lay out and Business continuity

Other Execution risks include:
* Machinery Breakdown