Premium risk engineering

Premium risk engineering provides effective risk based consultancy, services and
solutions that enable companies to aware, identify and control their risks by:
* transparent and practical services and solutions that can be applied by the company
themselves and support direct risk control actions without external involvement
* structured loss & incident findings and other relevant data for risk awareness
and validation

The scope of our consultancy, services and tools is:
* Product risks and liability including recall; dismantling and ESG compliance
related to products and services
* Premises and operational (GTPL) liability including Health and safety
* Property damage (PD) and Business continuity (BC)
* Supply chain risk control (ESG Compliance; Product and Continuity)

These independent consultancy, services and tools are based om 25 years of relevant (field)
experience for scope of services for all kind of business activities and/or products worldwide.

Premium risk Engineering

Our primary business principle are:
* Risk control starts with risk awareness from past incidents and predictive risk analysis
* Insurances are important, but risk engineering control is essential (safety, reputation etc) as impact of losses is often far more than insurable loss amount
* Proven methodologies calibrated on relevant loss data and expert knowledge
* Effective and practical services and solutions tailored to the scope of service that can be applied (after training) by the company
* Risk control is a continuous process based on risk prioritization and active participation of the company involved
* Transparency and confidentiality implying that services will only be provided with approval of the companies involved.

Property risks

Property comprises of buildings, equipment and infra structure and ensuing loss of income.
The inherent risks due to the activity/occupancy (1) plus risks as Breakdown (3) and Fire (4).

The property risks can be controlled by:
6 Process controls
7 (preventive) Maintenance
8 Fire protection
9 SHE incl. housekeeping
11 Property Risk Analysis
12 Buisiness Resilience

Product risks

Product risk includes both external consequences as loss and health impact as well as financial loss for the company and is dependent on:
1 Product type
2 Brand; market
3 Processing (creation)

The product risks can be controlled by:
7 Automatic process controls
9 Product compliance
10 Quality Assurance & Control
11 PRA Product Risk analysis
12 Recall & Dismantling management

ESG Compliance risks
ESG Compliance covers Environmental; Social and Governance for Operations and Products and is dependent on:
1 Business activity/products
5 Operational (environmental)
6 Social responsibility
The probability of ESG compliance incidents is lower than for Product and Property Risks, but the consequences are typical much higher.
The ESG compliance risk can be controlled by
* Good management practice in line
with Governance and Dashboard (8)
9 Understanding whole process
10 Incident management